Go therefore and make disciples of all nations...
Matthew 28:19
High Street Bible Church is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation, tongue and tribe beginning right here in our own community.  Our goal is to see everyone that calls High Street Bible home continually grow in love for unbelieving neighbors, friends, and family and those in lands far away.  We desire to be a church that is constantly being enlarged in our competency to communicate the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. As a church, we are committed to giving financial resources to  organizations and people who will join us in declaring the glory of God and making the gospel known.
Below are a few of the groups that we belong to and support.
Cliff & Amaris Davis
Having spent years with YWAM Mercy Medical Ships, the Cliff and Amaris Davis are now living in Madang PNG where they are working on bringing the scriptures to the indigenous groups that live in that area. 
LaRoca Church
Located in Nicaragua, Pastor Marvin Quiroz and his family are preaching the gospel and declaring  the supremacy of Christ in South America. 
Acts 29 Network
Acts 29 is a global network of churches centered on the gospel and committed to advancing the mission of Jesus through obediently planting church-planting churches.
The Gathering Inn
The Gathering Inn "provides a community-based response to people in need in south Placer County by offering hope, dignity and a secure place to rest at night, in addition to a wide range of services that help clients get back on their feet again. TGI is a nonprofit organization providing physical, mental, and spiritual restoration for homeless men, women, and children."
Christian Encounter Ministry
Christian Encounter Ministry's mission is overcoming the cycles of brokenness, one story at a time, by providing a community for troubled youth to encounter and be restored in Jesus Christ.

Sierra Pregnancy & Health
Helping young ladies and men from the Auburn, Rocklin and Roseville areas work through questions related to an unexpected pregnancy as well as lifestyle choices.
The Gideons
The Gideons is an inter-denominational ministry with offices around the world in 15 National Association countries. Their single objective is to win people for Christ by personally sharing their  faith and distributing God’s Word in prisons, hotels, schools and anywhere else there is opportunity.
Village Care
Village Care International was developed by David Glenwinkel in 2005, after he spent years working within other African aid organizations. Over time, he came to the realization that traditional aid programs were a failure.  He made a vow not to become absorbed into the ‘system’ of a perpetual cycle of giving that ultimately relieves immediate (and legitimate) needs, but results in sustaining impoverishment more often than sustaining development. As such, David decided to develop a program that was completely out of the box, backwards and radical. Village Care International was created and operates from the unorthodox and highly effective standpoint that only Africans can solve their own problems by using the resources they have on hand and without dependence on humanitarian aid. 
Reach Global
Through Reach Global and it's mission to create disciples who make disciples, we help support a missionary family who  is serving in one of the most dangerous places to be a Christian.  
Healthbridge Global
Founded by Jonathan & Rebecca Hallsted, Healthbridge Global seeks to bring the Gospel to closed nations, closed cultures and closed hearts by meeting medical needs in the name of Jesus.  They partner with local leaders to bring lasting impact while strategically and intentionally working so that the gospel and hope of Christ can shape and flow through everything they do.

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