Statement on Biblical and Pastoral Counseling

High Street Bible Church and its leadership offer biblical and pastoral counseling rooted in the Word of God, with the ultimate aim of connecting individuals to the Gospel. While our counselors are not licensed therapists, we may refer you to Christian licensed professionals if needed to supplement this spiritual care.

One key distinction between professional and pastoral counseling is confidentiality. In professional counseling, confidentiality is upheld rigorously, with very limited exceptions required by law. In pastoral counseling, the focus is on helping and pointing individuals toward the Gospel, making confidentiality less paramount. Our church operates with a plurality of elders, all equally responsible for shepherding the congregation. While we value confidentiality, the spiritual well-being of the individual and adherence to God's commandments take precedence. In some situations, limited disclosure may be necessary for effective care, following biblical principles. Instances involving criminality require disclosure to civil authorities. Confidentiality is important, but it's subordinate to obeying God and His Word.

We ask for your trust when it comes to sharing sensitive information, knowing that if disclosure is widened, it's for your spiritual healing and benefit. As biblical counselors guided by the Word of God, we cannot offer an unconditional guarantee of confidentiality. Our hope and prayer as the Elder and Leadership team is to lead you to Jesus and His gospel, the source of ultimate forgiveness, healing, and transformation into the people God has called us to be.